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Fat, fat Thursday

It’s here, it’s today! The day when calories don’t matter, the day when every doughnut eaten magically turns into prosperity and luck rather than fat cells. Fat Thursday, it’s today. In case you haven’t heard of this tradition… I’m not surprised 😀 It’s probably only celebrated in countries with catholic traditions, always on the last… Continue reading Fat, fat Thursday

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Why my bag weighs a ton – what’s in my bag – essentials

‘The hell are you carrying in there? Bricks?!’ If I got a pound every time I heard that I’d be a millionaire now. I only have bare necessities in my bag though! A lot of them… sure… but I do need them all. 1. Hand sanitizer. Cause there’s nothing worse than accidentally touching something sticky… Continue reading Why my bag weighs a ton – what’s in my bag – essentials

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Bye bye, Christmas!

I know, I know. Most of you are probably thinking: ‘Saying goodbye to Christmas now? It’s February!’. Well, in Polish tradition (which originates from catholic traditions), we’re allowed to keep all Christmas decorations and Christmas trees for over a month after the actual holiday, until February 2nd! Pretty cool, isn’t it? Having that lovely Christmas… Continue reading Bye bye, Christmas!