Hello, world


Starting things with ‘Hello, world’ seems as natural as I can possibly imagine. Maybe it’s because of how common it’s become, maybe because as a programmer I use the phrase so often. Whatever the reason is, it fits just perfectly.

So, hello.

Hello Internet, hello fellow bloggers and hello YOU, lost wanderer, who probably are one of at most a handful of people to ever read this (don’t hesitate to say hello in the comments if you’re reading this, I’m wondering if this post will ever reach anyone else than me).

The first blog? Hell no. But whenever I tried to maintain a themed site, it failed pretty much immediately. I’m all over so many different things that limiting myself to only one category can never work out. Hence this place, that’s supposed to get filled with whatever I’m obsessed with at a time. However, I feel like it’s a good idea to give you a an overall view on what to expect from this place.

Random lifestyle thoughts & inspirations from a point of view of a young woman trying to figue out what to do with her life? Check.

DIY ideas & tutorials? Check.

Baking posts? Check.

Make-up or beauty inspirations? Check.

Games related posts? Check, as a gamer I can’t refrain from occasionally talking about my current gaming faves.

Other stuff? Most definitely yes, we’ll see what the future holds! I feel I should cast some light on my current life status in the next post, to let you know what to expect from me. See you very, very soon in this case!



7 thoughts on “Hello, world

  1. Hey there! Like you commented on my post, our feelings of self consciousness are very similar but don’t worry! Your writing style is great and I reckon once you get yourself out there people are going to love you! I’m by absolutely no means an expert since I started my blog a week ago however, I’ve managed to attract a few followers so here are some tips. Try Daily Prompts (once you link the page in your post, it gets posted on the wordpress page so that’s good for exposure – plus it’s interesting to see what you can take from a one word prompt). First Friday is a weekly page that WordPress opens to new bloggers to post their first post – many people found me throught that. Also, comment on people’s posts that you like – someone might like your comment and have a look at your blog. Good luck! I have a feeling I’m going to love this blog x

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  2. Thanks for the kind words πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely check out Daily Prompts, not only for possible exposure, but also cause (from what I can tell now, before even starting) the idea sounds really interesting and slightly challenging. And I love to challenge myself!
    As a teenager I managed to make a blog with a decent amount of young followers (I cringe sooo bad whenever I remember how childish the site was, but I guess it was suitable for my age & target audience), it would be great to repeat the ‘success’ with a slightly more mature content… As mature as a child in an adult’s skin can get, at least πŸ™‚

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  3. A great first blog And I and I am sure you will get plenty of interest and followers …. and you have taken the brave second step…. I think its a bit like that difficult second album!
    I was so pleased with my first and now I feel stuck. I can’t see me sticking to a theme, it will depend how I feel on the day and whether something inspires me. Baking?… my kind of blog! πŸ™‚

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  4. Alphe,
    I enjoyed reading your first blog. I think it is great that you aren’t limiting yourself to a certain topics. Writing can get mundane if we feel restricted. Also since you have done a site before it helps you know what works and doesn’t work for you. I am looking forward to your future posts!

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