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I found out about daily prompts and, to my surprise, the first one I get to participate in is at the same time very close to my heart.


Of course, the word can have a thousand meanings depending on a person. For me, it mainly links to my fascination with cultural differences around the world.

As a child I didn’t get to travel too much – my parents simply couldn’t afford it. Now, when I have a job and could go wherever I’d like to, I don’t have anyone to travel with (and also because of the job I don’t really have much time). However, thanks to the Internet, I got to learn a lot about what life looks like in other parts of the world and it’s become one of my main interests. I find it amazing how different life can be in different places, not only when we compare distant countries, but also when we look at regions that are seemingly close to each other. I was lucky enough to make a few online friends in the last year or so, and heaven only knows how many times I’d bore those poor people with my constant crave for new fun facts about their countries. Fortunately, it’s really easy to make me amused.

For example, I’ve learned that in a country close to mine there are only coins for full units of currency, but not for the cent parts – and although prices contain cent endings, those can be only paid by cards; paying with cash results in the prices being rounded up or down. Such a petty thing, but it was probably the most surprising one I’ve learned so far! And even though it seems silly, I’ve always thought it could be a thing for countries in which you have to pay thousands of [local currency] for a box of matches, not for a place where cents are in use pretty much everywhere.

And as I said in my previous posts, one of my dreams is moving abroad. Partly because I love the language and want to get better at it, partly because I want to sink in that new culture, although probably not much different from what I’m used to, but still with some interesting details.





2 thoughts on “Culture

  1. Yes, I totally agree! I’ve heard that in my country the metal used to make a cent coin is actually worth around 2.5 cents – makes no sense, but we stick to using them nonetheless. On the other hand, I find it sooo annoying when a price ends with .99 and then I have to carry all those cents in my wallet. But this is clearly a psychological thing, people are apparently more likely to buy a thing for .99 than one for 1.00, so we’ll have those prices for years more, and with them, most likely, a ton of wasteful coins…


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