Heartbroken again – I’ll be back soon though

I’m just popping here to let you know that I’m not dead (well, maybe a little bit deep inside, yeah). I should be back soon (hopefully next week) with new posts and replies to your comments.

Last few months have been a huge emotional rollercoaster for me, and just like it usually ends, I’m sitting here with yet again broken heart. This time though, I realise that it’s my fault and the price I pay for building hopes for things that, thinking realistically, aren’t very likely to happen. Hopefully I’ll start learning from those experiences one day.


14 thoughts on “Heartbroken again – I’ll be back soon though

  1. Yes, we did… It was amazing and I loved every second of it, this time a person met on the Internet turned out even better in reality than online. Sadly, in my stupidity and naivety I’ve build multiple scenarios in my head regarding where things can go, and at this point it seems like I’m the only one of us who has them. Great friend, for sure. But… a friend, most likely.

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  2. One step at a time. Live and learn, you will. (That’s my yoda talk. You must read it in his voice when you see this 😝) Sorry to hear about this though. Haven’t been keeping up with you and I’m sorry for that, but I hope all is well.


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