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Recovering – doodles & stuff

Hello everyone, Alphe’s back. Thank you ever so much for all the heartwarming comments on my last post. I’m still heartbroken, but I’ve overcome the initial anxiety phase and I’m slowly returning to life. I have some recipes and beauty posts lined up, but I thought I’d first share things I did while I wasn’t here.

The first big thing is something for those interested in video games – I spent 2 weekends at IEM, one of the biggest e-sports tournaments in the world. Watching the best teams compete in front of 10,000 people in the audience (and millions watching the event online) is an amazing experience and I’m happy to attend it every year. Also, since the best part of the event took place before my heart broke into a million pieces, I could actually fully enjoy it.


When things went wrong and I needed stuff to focus on in order to forget the problems I wrote to 3 of my old friends from school that I haven’t talked to in 3 or more years. Result? 2 meetings scheduled for the next weeks, one done last Friday (with a part 2 coming in a few days). God, that was refreshing. Not only did I get to talk to a friend I used to be really close with (missed that girl so much!) but also had the best drink ever. Yummy!


The main thing, however, that helped me go through the last few days was a new toy I bought to treat myself and keep myself occupied with. Sure, spending money every time I suffer from a broken heart isn’t the best thing to do, but a drawing tablet is something I’ve always wanted to have anyway.


So as I got the tablet I immediately started playing with it (ended up putting the entire weekend in it). First impression: it’s nothing like traditional drawing with paper and pencils. Not even close! I thought that since (I believe) I can draw okay-ish in the old-fashioned way I should be able to do the same on a tablet. The first few minutes were like a freezing cold shower cooling down my expectations. Shaky, jittery, wobbly lines everywhere. I spent hours trying to find decent settings on both the tablet and brushes I used in a drawing app as well as training my hand and overall coordination (you draw on the tablet but look at the screen), the picture below is the final product of my little playground. I’m starting to get the hang of clean lineart drawing on a tablet now, but there’s still a very long way ahead of me.


As I finished the first piece I decided to play around with painting brushes, trying to draw something in a style I absolutely love (creepy, dark, greyscale art) but have never tried myself before. I can’t say I’m happy with what I’ve made so far (let’s be honest, it’s just a lame piece of wannabe ‘art’), but it’s just a base and I’m gonna play with it later today and potentially make it look decent.


Also, being heartbroken is the worst thing that can happen to me when I have tons of work to do. I know that for some people it’s good as they can simply get lost in responsibilities and forget about problems, but for me it’s literally impossible to focus on important things when there’s something consuming my heart and soul. And I do have sooo much stuff on the ‘to do’ list for now…


6 thoughts on “Recovering – doodles & stuff

  1. So glad you’re back!!!
    My boyfriend as the same pentab as yours and he told me that when he started out, he was so bad at it (maybe decent) but with a lot of practice, you’d actually be super good at it! πŸ˜€
    Judging on the artwork you made, I absolutely liked it!!! πŸ˜€ Looking forward to more art of yours πŸ™‚


  2. I love your drawing, it’s so good x
    Also, from experience, instead of pushing your feelings and emotions and burying them, it’s better to feel them and get it all out. Always helps me xx

    I’d love it if you’d take some time and check out my blog:


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