My Top 5 Makeup Favourites

Oh hi! I’m coming with a post that’s not a recipe, for once? Cannot be! A while ago (well, it’s almost been 2 years!) I wrote about my makeup favourites. I think it’s about time to update that list. 🙂 I decided to go for my top 5 products (listed in a random order).

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January in photos

A little throwback to January. Looks like all I did that month was eat and craft ^^’ Hopefully February will bring more diversity, although the weather is still wintery (we got hit by a fresh supply of snow last night…) and doesn’t encourage leaving the warmth and coziness of my house. I do however have one exciting afternoon planned for next week and I can’t wait for it!







Little makeup&beauty haul

Hello, I hope everyone’s having a nice day 🙂

I popped into a drugstore yesterday and picked a few makeup&beauty items:

Rimmel Wake me up foundation

I usually use Rimmel foundations – mainly Lasting Finish, but this time I decided to pick the Wake me up one. I’ve had it before and it works well for me, especially on warmer days (I’ll keep it for spring, it’ll be perfect then).

Miss Sporty Studio Lash mascara

I’ve been using this mascara pretty much ever since I started using makeup, alternately with Maybelline Lash Sensational. It’s super cheap yet works perfectly fine, a lot better than many of the more pricey mascaras that I’ve tried.

Alterra handcream

My absolute favourite handcream ever! Smells great and is made from natural ingredients. Alterra is an own brand of a German chain of drugstores, Rossmann, which also has its stores in a few countries outside Germany – including mine. I’ve seen the brand on Amazon too though, so even if you don’t have Rossmann stores in your country, you should still be able to get this cream if you’d like to.


L’Oréal Casting Creme Gloss 412

I’ve been dying my hair for over 7 years now, always using Casting Créme Gloss by L’Oréal. I don’t always use the same dye, I just stick to cool toned brown shades – this time I picked number 412,  Iced Cocoa.

Batiste dry shampoo

One of the products I can’t live without. I use Batiste every morning, so every time I pop into a drugstore I come out with at least one new dry shampoo. This time I picked a scent I haven’t had before so I’m excited to use it 😀

Farmona Green tea normalizing face cream

As I wrote in my New Year’s resolutions post, I promised to take better care of my skin, so I decided to treat myself with a new cream. I don’t really know this brand and I’ve never used this cream before, but I liked the ingredient list and it was on sale, so I decided to give it a go. I used it yesterday in the evening – so far, so good. I like its texture, it’s very thin, almost watery – I know that a lot of you would say it’s a disadvantage, but I really hate thick, heavy creams on my face. This one didn’t feel uncomfortable yet left my skin moisturized, and that’s all I really need.


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Favourites 2017

So I wanted to write a post on my current makeup favourites but I realized that nothing has changed since my last makeup favourites post, so instead I decided to mention all kinds of things I enjoyed in the past year or so. Let’s get started!

Original source shower gels

Yep, I know, they’re known and loved by so many people and I joined that already overcrowded club. I fell in love with the lime scented one in summer and now in winter I’m loving the vanilla&raspberry one.

I Love Cosmetics bath & shower creams

I accidentally came across the I Love Cosmetics brand during a big sale in one of our drugstores and instantly fell in love. Their scents (marshmallow, chocolate fudge or ice cream) are sooo yummy! I wish they were edible 😦 I’m currently using a Minty Choc Chip scented one and trust me, the entire bathroom smells like After Eight chocolates when I’m taking a bath.


Wibo eyeshadow palette

Unfortunately, most likely not accessible in other countries.  This eyeshadow palette by a Polish brand instantly became so popular that you need a miracle to come by it (still, after months since its release). I don’t know how, but my sister made that miracle happen and got me this palette for Christmas. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks (one of them was in 2017, so it qualifies for 2017 favourites! :D) but it’s enough to decide that it’s the best eyeshadow palette I’ve ever had. The packaging is absolutely amazing (the photo doesn’t do it justice), the colours are lovely and – thanks to some pink/red/orange-ish shades – very different to the most popular affordable palettes which are usually around nude browns. And most importantly, they stay on forever and don’t roll in the crease at all! And that’s incredibly hard to achieve with my oily eyelids. No eyeshadow primer needed!

Maybelline Master Graphic eyeliner

A totally underrated product by Maybelline. Another item I came across during some gigantic sales, I think I got it for like £1.5. Tried it out at home and… returned to the store to get one more, just in case I couldn’t find it anywhere in the future 😀 I never had patience for eyeliners but somehow this marker makes it super easy to draw perfect lines. I’ve been wearing eyeliner literally every day for the last few months, let that speak for itself.


Eyebrow pomades

I’d tried dozens of eyebrow products but none seemed to fit my needs – they’d smudge, look awfully unnatural or simply behave super weird during application. And then I tried a pomade and my makeup life changed! I find them ridiculously easy to apply, they stay on – intact – forever, and one little jar lasts… well, I don’t know that yet, but by the look of it it’s gonna last a few years, unless it dries up before I reach the bottom.

Evree Magic Rose facial toner

I found myself really enjoying rose water; I never really liked the scent of artificial roses in makeup products or perfumes, but rose water smells different and I really, really love it! I don’t actually know if it benefits our skin as well as it’s described on products’ labels, but… it smells lovely and I almost feel like I’m slightly addicted to that fragrance.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

After years of trying to find my fragrance I believe I finally did!

Stranger Things

Ah… I don’t watch films or series too often. In fact, in the last few years I only watched 2 full series. Stranger Things is the perfect show for me. I have to admit I secretly wish I was born like 20 years earlier – not that I don’t love the bliss all the modern technology we have nowadays, but the 80s vibe is something I absolutely love. Obviously, as a person born in the 90s I don’t remember those times myself, but Stranger Things has everything I imagine the 80s to be. Combined with my love for spooky fantasy sci-fi stories… I binge-watched both seasons. No regrets.

Queen concert

In November I got to see one of my favourite music groups of all times live. The first row under the scene was mine! And despite going there with major back problems, I enjoyed every single second of that show. Definitely one of the best evenings. Not just in 2017, one of the best evenings of my life!


Salted caramel ice cream

To finish the list I wanna mention the one food I’ve been absolutely obsessed with since last summer – salted caramel. Mostly in an ice cream form, but I definitely don’t mind having it in other products. Has it always been a thing? I feel like salted caramel appeared a few months ago and since then it’s been everywhere. And I’m loving it!



Small weekend beauty/makeup haul


Hello everybody! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

I popped into a drugstore yesterday aaaand of course ended up buying a few bits and bobs.

First things first, the essentials: dry shampoo is something I use every single day and I just have to always have a good supply of it. I trust Batiste and never really try out other brands. Currently I’m using a tropical one, my next choice was an oriental scent.


A good old Carmex is something I need to have in every bag, in my desk at work, as well as in many random places at home. It’s the only chapstick that actually seems to work for me and I use it all year long. Also, for the first time ever, I recently actually managed to completely finish up one – usually I lose them before I get to the end. Yet another life achievement unlocked 🙂


Moving to makeup category. I remember having a matte Color Tattoo eyeshadow ages ago. It didn’t work for me – I don’t know if it was the colour or the texture, but I ended up using it maybe a couple of times. However, I decided to give CT another try, this time picking a shimmery, Pink Gold shade. I bought it to use it for my day makeup, so I’m glad that the colour is very light and not heavily pigmented. I had it on for a few hours yesterday (I just needed to test it immediately 😀 ) and it stayed in place without rolling in the crease. So far so good, I have high hopes for this one. Maybe me and Color Tattoo can be friends after all 🙂



I talked about this Paese bamboo powder in my favourites. I don’t use regular powders anymore, those rice/bamboo ones work wonders for me. Found this one on sale so decided to get it even though I already had an extra one at home.


Onto contouring! After a not entirely successful experience I had in the past, I decided to give it another try. Bought this lovely egg-shaped Hakuro H13 brush (it’s soooo soft) and another bronzing contour powder, this time by Kobo  – I’m extremely happy with it, used it today in the morning and it seems like this can be me & contouring reunited. I love the shade which is quite ashy and not too dark or heavily pigmented (I’m pale white, most contour products are way too dark and orange for me). It also seems to blend very nicely. I’ll keep experimenting, but I’m really happy with this purchase so far.



Last but not least: a Bell lip tint. I’ve been obsessed with lip products recently, but unfortunately none of them, even the long-lasting ones, make it to the end of my long day – even after 8 hours at work I usually only have some pathetic remains of the product. And if it wears off nicely and evenly, that’s fine – I can just reapply it. But some of them (especially matte liquid lipsticks) create a hard layer which looks horrible after a few hours and even worse when you try to reapply the product before washing the old remains first.

I’m drifting away. Lip tint. Decided to try it out hoping that it would last those 8 hours at work looking okay. Time will show, but the arm swatch test was promising. Bottom picture shows the tint directly after applying it, the top one was taken after around 2 hours. Looking good! I actually had a bath after taking that photo and the swatch didn’t completely wash off. Impressive! 🙂





My current hair care routine


I have long hair. I’ve always had long hair, but I started to actually give it the attention and care it deserves a few months ago. The journey continues, but I definitely can already say that my hair is in much better condition than it used to be. Here’s my current hair care routine 🙂

Washing & conditioning

I wash my hair every day in the evening (unless I don’t plan on going anywhere the next day). I know it’s not the best practice, but I’ve tried multiple times to change it, following tons of different tutorials, and none of them worked. To minimize bad effect of daily hair washing I try to use natural, gentle, SLS/SLES-free shampoos. My current absolute favourite is an aloe vera based shampoo by an Italian brand Equilibra.


As a conditioner I use Kallos hair masks. I’ve been obsessed with them for the last few months. Currently I use 3 different ones: Keratin (once a week), Silk (once a week) and my favourite one – Color – at all other times. I leave the conditioner for 5-10 minutes and then generously rinse it off with water.


After washing my hair I gently press it with a towel (no rubbing!) and then just let it dry naturally. When my hair is completely dry I detangle it with a good old Tangle Teezer. Wet hair is more susceptible to breaking and stretching damage, so that’s why we should never detangle it before it’s fully dry.


I never let my hair loose for the night – I usually make a braid or roll it up on foam rollers, if I have more time and want to have nice curls the next day.


Once or twice a week I like to oil my hair. I make a mixture of coconut, almond and grape oils and apply around 2 tablespoons on the length of my hair (avoiding contact with the scalp). I leave it on for around an hour and then wash my hair like I usually do. Oiling brings the best effects when done regularly – at least once a week. It prevents hair from frizzing and leaves it soft and shiny.


Quick morning routine

In the morning I’m usually in a rush, so doing my hair only takes a few seconds. I spray the front of my hair with dry shampoo to refresh it and give it some volume (I feel like it’s a better option for the hair than using strong hairspray, although probably still not the best). Then I protect the ends with a silicone-based serum. I still haven’t found my go to favourite one, I’m currently using the one from the photo. I don’t know that brand, I found the serum in a small drugstore, but it seems to do its job.


Because I sleep in a braid or hair rollers, I already have waves or curls done – no need to do anything more with the hair before going out 🙂

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Healthy eating habits – easy first steps


For the last few years I’ve been following quite healthy eating habits – not in an obsessive manner though. When a few months ago I graduated from uni and started working full-time, I soon realised that the new lifestyle resulted in my habits getting worse – unhealthy snacks, heavy lunch meals in our on-site bar etc. I spent a while making a plan on how to improve in that field without too much effort and missing out on taste (my goal wasn’t weight loss diet but maintaining a healthy lifestyle that still contains delicious food). Here’s my list of ideas, some of them I’ve been following for a few years, the others for a few months only – but I already know they work for me and I definitely don’t constantly think that I’m missing out on something. Life’s too short to eat food we don’t like after all 🙂

Find healthier replacements for plain wheat products

Choose whole grain instead of plain pasta, dark instead of white bread, brown instead of white rice – those are the easiest places to find healthier replacements and, if you’re lucky like me and don’t find whole grain products to  taste worse or even any different from plain ones, you won’t even notice that you’re eating healthy now (but your body definitely will!).

Choose real fruit instead of fruit-flavoured products

This mostly applies to two categories – juices and yogurts. Most juices that you can buy in a supermarket are made from extra-sweetened fruit concentrates diluted in water – they’re extremely sweet and they’ve mostly lost all the goodness that fruits have to provide. Better eat an apple! The same applies to fruit-flavoured yogurts which usually contain tons of sugar and barely any real fruit. A natural yogurt with a handful of fresh fruit is definitely a healthier option.

Plan your snacks

If you often like to have a snack at work and know you won’t avoid it, try to plan them in advance and keep a small supply of thought-through, healthy snacks in your desk instead of using a vending machine filled with junk food. Find snacks that you enjoy eating and which aren’t completely unhealthy and have them on hand. That way you’ll be less tempted to buy much worse ones for immediate consumption. I like to always have a good reserve of a selection of different nuts and dried fruit – they’re not only healthier than regular snacks, but also have very long expiry dates, so you can just buy them once in abundance and store for ages. Unless, of course, having too much would tempt you to eat it all immediately!

Beware ‘healthy’ gluten/fat-free products

First of all, let’s talk about gluten-free products. It’s been a hot topic for quite a while now and I still have a feeling that many people don’t understand it at all. Gluten isn’t your deadly enemy and eliminating it from your diet won’t magically make you healthier. Up to 1% of population suffers from celiac disease and up to 10-15% from gluten sensitivity. For those belonging to either of the two categories gluten-free products are indeed healthy and necessary. But that’s still just the minority of population and definitely not everyone on a gluten-free diet actually needs it. Gluten-free products are supposed to not contain gluten. That’s all. No one says they’re supposed to be healthy! They still contain bad types of sugars and fats, as well as possibly many artificial, harmful ingredients added to replace gluten-containing ones. So if you don’t have gluten intolerance, buying regular products might actually be a lot healthier for you. And definitely a lot cheaper.

Fat-free products are a trap a lot of people fall into. Eliminating fats from our diets won’t automatically make us healthier. They are necessary in the process of absorbing some vitamins and we still should provide them to our bodies – what matters is their quality and avoiding excess consumption. Also, for example, very often sweet products come in low-fat versions. However, a product containing an equivalent of a few tablespoons of white sugar can’t be called ‘healthy’, even when it has no fat, can it?

Think twice when you eat out

This is particularly important when you do it often (e.g. have lunch in a bar at work every day). It’s way too easy and tempting to always simply go for the tastiest looking dish on the menu. And if it happens occasionally, it’s fine – but if you do it every single day, it might not be a great idea. At least go for something that’s not deep-fried, swimming in oil – instead, try to choose a plate with tons of fresh vegetables, non-fried meat etc. There should still be tons of delicious options that meet those restrictions!

Avoid sweet drinks

This is such a cliché, I know. But honestly, when in doubt – take a bottle of water.

These are just a few simple ideas that might help you make the first step towards cutting down on unhealthy foods. One thing’s sure, they worked for me 🙂